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Chancester Limited ("Chancester" or "Chancester.com" or Chancester) is an online skill-based raffling platform, the primary business activities of which are:

  • Providing a fee based managed service for on-line charity fund raising
  • Providing a margin based retail distribution channel for goods and services via an eCommerce platform (“the website”)
  • Acting as a commission-earning retail distribution agent for brands, charities and C2C customers (“suppliers”)

A "member" is an individual person who is legally eligible to use Chancester, and who has completed the registration process and has been accepted as a member, automatically or manually, by Chancester. The member agrees to be bound by these Terms and Conditions for all actions taken through the Chancester website, or in connection with the Chancester service.

‘Chancester Rules’ are the specific rules of engagement with respect to fund raising Events and compliance therewith and fall within the scope of these Terms and Conditions.

In using the Chancester service, the member is required to acknowledge that they have read, accept, and agree to abide by the following Terms and Conditions.

1. Eligibility

By accessing this website, the member exercises the right to act autonomously, and guarantees the right, authority and capacity to accept the present Agreement, agrees with all the Terms and Conditions and guarantees that he/she is aged 16 or over and is resident in the United Kingdom (UK).

The member agrees that their actions taken on, and in relation to, the website are bound by the laws of the UK. The member recognises having the capacity to understand, and having understood, the principles and functioning of the website.

An individual may register only one account; multiple registrations are not permitted and, where multiple registrations are detected, may invalidate the member’s rights to any goods or services awarded from Events and may result in termination of membership.

2. Registration and Personal Protection

The member is responsible for maintaining the validity of all information provided to Chancester through any means of communication, including but not limited to the registration process, account management functions, and email or phone contact.

The member unconditionally accepts, without exception, not knowingly to provide misleading or untrue information to Chancester. If a member's details change, the member is responsible for maintaining the validity of all of their details through the methods provided on the Website.

The member is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their log-in credentials and password and has sole responsibility for any and all activities that occur through their account. The account is personal to the member and may not be transferred or made available, directly or indirectly, to others.

All use of the data provided by the member to the website is bound by Chancester’s privacy policy.

In providing address details during the registration process the member is confirming that the address provided is the billing address for any card which may be used to make payment for an Event and acknowledges that said address may be used by Chancester as the billing address to validate any such payments with its payment provider. The member further acknowledges that the address, unless otherwise confirmed by the member, will be used for delivery of any prizes awarded to the member as a result of their participation in Events, and that if the member wins an Event that their name may be used by Chancester in publicity surrounding that specific Event.

There is no cost to the member in registering to use the website.

Membership may be cancelled at any time by the member notifying Chancester through the methods provided on the Website. On receipt of such a request the member account will be removed from the system. In such circumstances Chancester will only retain member details required to comply with UK law.

3. The Service

The Chancester service comprises the management of an online skill-based raffling platform for the purpose of charity fund raising. The service also includes the selection of branded products used in Events (also known as games), monitoring the regular execution of Events and ensuring fair outcomes, monitoring that products are delivered to members, and managing and updating content on the website. Chancester is also responsible for the collection of proceeds and providing settlement with charities, winners and suppliers as required.

The member hereby agrees and accepts that the service offered is reasonable.

4. Use of the Service

The member agrees not to commit fraud, abuse or misuse of the service, or breach these Terms and Conditions governing the website. Chancester reserves the right to suspend any account based on suspicion of having committed or having intention to commit fraud, misuse of the service, or breach of these Terms and Conditions. The suspension of an account allows Chancester the right to remove any unused credits from an account without refunding the purchase of those credits. Chancester will not remove any credits from an account, however if an account remains inactive for a period of six months Chancester reserves the right to refund the credits, less a nominal administration charge of £5.00, and to close the account.

Chancester reserves the right to terminate the account of any member, at any time and without a specific reason. The closure or suspension of the account means that if the right to acquire a product has been gained through any form of manipulation (defined at the unquestionable judgment of Chancester), the member shall not receive the product and may be subject to legal action. In case manipulation of the system becomes detected or suspected after the product has been delivered to the member, the member shall be obliged to return the product.

The member acknowledges that the service is provided and operated within the bounds and constraints defined by the Chancester Rules and accepts that it is the responsibility of the member to be familiar with and understand such rules. The member further agrees to be bound by those rules when using the Chancester services.

5. Payment Processing

All purchases must be paid for on line. The payment process requires a member to progress through an on-line checkout, which provides facilities for payment by debit or credit card. All purchases are non-refundable.

Chancester considers the confirmation of a successful checkout process as guarantee of payment. In the unlikely case that a refund is requested by the financial institution due to a fraudulent or stolen card having been used to make a purchase, the matter will be passed to the authorities for investigation and the member’s account will be suspended pending the outcome of said investigation.

All payments will be received and processed in UK Sterling.

6. Electronic Communications

By accessing and using the website and/or registering for the use of the service, the member agrees to receive electronic communications (e-mails) from Chancester. Furthermore, the member agrees and hereby accepts that Chancester can choose to communicate with the member using other means, in accordance with the information held on the member’s account record. Chancester can choose to communicate with each member via e-mail or by publishing information, securely for the sole use of the member on the website. The member agrees that all agreements, notices, documents and any other communication sent electronically (via e-mail) satisfy all legal requirements. Chancester shall not be liable for communications, whether sent by e-mail or by any other communication method, not being received by the member.

7. Liability

The member’s use of the website and service is at the member‘s sole risk. The member acknowledges and agrees that the member’s sole and exclusive remedy for any dispute with Chancester is to stop using the service, and to request a suspension of the member’s account. The member remains liable for all actions taken in the member's account, including without limitation, the purchase of tickets to participate in Events. The member remains liable for all losses incurred by the member or a third party on the member's account.

Chancester reserves the right, at any time, to change or interrupt, temporarily or permanently, a part of the service with or without notice. The member agrees and accepts that Chancester shall not be liable and shall not be subject to sanctions by the member or third parties for any change, suspension or interruption of the service. The website and service, and any other third-party services and products, are provided on an 'as is' and 'as available' basis for the member’s use, without warranties of any kind, either express or implied, unless such warranties are legally incapable of exclusion. Chancester provides the services on a commercially reasonable basis and does not guarantee that the member will be able to access or use the services at times or locations of the member’s choosing, or that Chancester will have adequate capacity for the services as a whole or in any specific geographic area.

Chancester shall not be liable for any errors in or failures of computer hardware or software processing effecting the provision of its services.

Chancester shall not be liable in contract, tort, negligence, or otherwise, for any loss or damage whatsoever arising from or in any way connected with the member use of the website or service, whether direct or indirect, including, without limitation, damage for loss of business, financial loss, business interruption, or personal information, or any other pecuniary or consequential loss, even where Chancester has been notified by the member of the possibility of such loss or damage.

The member agrees and accepts to indemnify Chancester, its affiliates, legal representatives, agents, partners and employees against any losses, liabilities, claims or requests including reasonable legal expenses paid by third parties following abuse of the service in breach of this agreement, infringement of these Terms and Conditions and/or any breach of member guarantees and declarations mentioned above.

8. Postage, Admin & Marketing Costs

Postage and other administration costs will be covered by the supplier. Chancester will reasonably monitor the distribution of prize items by suppliers to shipping or postage services. However, through transferring products to shipping or postage services, Chancester will not be held liable for any damage to products resulting from third parties, or damages resulting from the shipping or postage process. Chancester will not be liable for any misrepresentation of products, whether supplied by Chancester or any third party supplier.

Chancester will, through its own advertising, promotional and marketing activity, promote the Chancester brand and awareness to the site. The cost of this and other day-to-day business operations will be recovered through the fees charged for hosting Events. It is anticipated that Charities and Brands (in their capacity as Suppliers) will similarly engage in marketing activity to promote specific Events hosted by Chancester. Specific supplier costs for this activity must be factored into the cost element of the Event when listed. Chancester will not be liable for recovery of these costs other than through the mechanism of distributing the proceeds of Events and only then when such costs have been agreed with the Supplier and factored into said Event.

9. Privacy Policy

See the Chancester Privacy Policy for information on how we use cookies, what information we collect and how we protect your privacy.

10. Participation in Events

Restrictions in participation. Only individuals resident in the UK may participate in Events. It is the policy of Chancester that any employee of Chancester Ltd or 3rd party suppliers or close family members thereof shall not be eligible for membership of Chancester. Checks may be made from time to time before settling with a Winner of an event to ensure compliance with this policy.

Non-disclosure of successful Estimates. It is in the interest of participants making successful estimates not to disclose their successful estimate to others as this will increase the success rate of others and reduce the likelihood of the disclosing individual winning. In addition, disclosure of this information before the closure of the Event is forbidden within the rules and may result in the disqualification of the disclosing member from the prize draw element.

Free Chances. Free Chances are allocated to Members when they register or subsequently when a new Member they recommend Chancester to, becomes active in a paid Event i.e. the referred Member buys a ticket. Allocated Free Chances can be used in any active Free Chance Event on the site and can be retained for this purpose in the members account if unused. Sufficient Free Chances must be allocated by the Member to cover the cost on a Free Chance Event e.g. if the member has 4 Free Chances allocated they will not be allowed to enter a Free Chance Event with a Ticket Price of 5 Free Chances. Free Chances may not be used in paid Events. Unused Free Chances do not have a financial value and cannot be redeemed for cash.

Ticket Purchase and Qualification. The process provides an opportunity, in exchange for payment of the published ticket price, for a registered Member to contribute to the Event proceeds and acquire entry to the Prize Draw. Entry to the Prize Draw is subject to the Member making a successful attempt at estimating the Reserve Price set by the Event Lister. The estimate made must be within a stated amount of the actual Reserve Price. The +/- tolerance on a given Event is determined by the category of Item on offer which is set, monitored and from time to time revised by Chancester.

Reduction in Tolerance. The starting tolerance will remain the same for all members until the first 10 % of tickets are sold, the tolerance shall then be reduced (by currently 50%). The starting tolerance is further reduced for all members (by currently 50%) once the Reserve Price is met. Individually the tolerance is reduced (by currently 50%) every time a successful estimate is made by the member.

11. Participation as Listers

Setting Up Events. Setting up an Event and setting of appropriate variables and parameters to define the Event within Chancester is at the discretion of the Lister. Chancester will distribute the proceeds of Events in accordance with the Lister’s choices; however, the following rules must be complied with:

  • Reserve Price will always be lower than the Target Proceeds.
  • The prize Item must be accurately described.
  • The Charitable Contribution must reflect the percentage of the Target Proceeds (exclusive of VAT) that will go to the good cause if the Target Proceeds are achieved for the Event.

In addition, a number of guiding principles have also been established.

Setting Target Proceeds and Reserve Price. The following should be factored into the calculation for various outcomes in order to ensure that the conclusion of an Event delivers a positive outcome for the Charity supported.

  • Cost of acquiring the Item being offered
  • Additional admin or Marketing costs
  • Delivery and packaging costs
  • Target Contribution to be made to the good cause
  • Fees due to Chancester for hosting the event

12. Event Outcomes

At the conclusion of an Event the following outcomes may result and consequential fulfilment activities will be administered by Chancester.

Successful Events where the Reserve Price is met (Paid Events):

  • Subject to the Event exceeding the Void Event criteria, a Winner will be drawn electronically from the list of Qualified ticket holders.
  • The Winner will be notified and arrangements made to transfer ownership of the Prize item, Service or Experience to the Winner.
  • The Event Proceeds will be distributed as follows (See Distribution of Proceeds examples):
    • The Charitable Contribution to the Good Cause
    • Chancester Service Costs
    • Supplier Costs

Successful Events where the Reserve Price is met (Free Chance Events):

  • Subject to the Event exceeding the Void Event criteria, a Winner will be drawn electronically from the list of Qualified ticket holders.
  • The Winner will be notified and arrangements made to transfer ownership of the Prize item, Service or Experience to the Winner.
  • There are no Event Proceeds to be distributed, however the Free Chances consumed will, throughout the course of the Event, be deducted from the member’s account.

Unsuccessful Events where the Reserve Price is not met (Paid Events):

  • Subject to the Event exceeding the Void Event criteria, a Winner will be drawn electronically from the list of Qualified Ticket holders.
  • The Winner will be notified and arrangements made to transfer Cash Awards to the winner and the associated good cause
  • The Event proceeds will then be distributed, as follows:
    • Chance*ster Service Costs
    • Cash Award to the Winner
    • Cash donation to the Good Cause

Unsuccessful Events where the Reserve Price is not met (Free Chance Events):

  • The Event will be marked as Void
  • The Free Chances utilised will be returned to the participating Members

Voided Event

Events may be voided at the discretion of Chancester who’s decision is final and may not be challenged. The rationale for Voided Events is primarily (but not exclusively):

  • The Event Proceeds are so small as to not cover costs incurred in setting up and settling the event
  • There are grounds for suspicion that the Event has been tampered with or otherwise interfered with in a way that influences the outcome or otherwise perpetrates a fraudulent act.
  • Free Chance Events do not meet the defined Reserve Price

In settling Voided Events Chancester may, at its discretion, choose to:

  • Refund all cash payments made by participants (Paid Events)
  • Return Free Chances to participants (Free Chance Events)
  • Allow the Prize Draw to select a Winner from the full population of Tickets sold, not just those associated with a Qualified ticket.

Prize Substitution

Chancester will endeavour to supply the listed prize for all games, when appropriate, to the nominated winner. In some circumstances, however, due to failure by Chancester’s suppliers or other difficulties it may not be possible to supply the prize originally listed. In such circumstances Chancester reserves the right to provide an equivalent product as an alternative prize or a cash payment equivalent to the value of the item originally listed.

13. Terminology

Term Description
Estimate An estimate of the Secret Reserve associated with a Ticket to secure entry to a Event
Event An activity on Chancester that provides members with an opportunity to use their skill to enter a prize draw. This may include bringing together a Charity or Good Cause with an Item, experience or other prize element, to be awarded to the Winner and a plan to achieve the funding raising goal reflected in the Target Proceeds.
Cash Award A sum of money paid to the Winner of an Event, where the Secret Reserve is not met. This sum being net of any cost elements and charitable contributions (see Distribution of Proceed examples)
Charity A Charity identified and specified on Chancester as a beneficiary of one or more Events.
Charitable Contribution (%) As defined by the Lister of the Event. The percentage of the Target Proceeds that will be donated to the specified Charity / Good Cause at the conclusion of an event if the Event achieves the Target Proceeds. Charitable contributions may also be made when Target Proceeds are not achieved, however, the percentage of the overall proceeds will be less.
Charitable Contribution The actual contribution paid to the specified charity at the conclusion of an Event. This may be the Charitable % of the Target proceeds (if the Target was achieved) or a proportion thereof of proceeds exceeding the Secret Reserve if the target was not achieved. There is no charitable contribution if the Secret Reserve is not met other than that already factored into the secret reserve (see Distribution of Proceeds examples).
Duration The time in days, hours, and minutes allotted to run an event from Start to when it closes to further ticket sales.
Draw A computerised random selection of a specific Ticket from the pool of Qualified tickets to identify the Winner at the end of a Event.
Free Chance An estimate of the Secret Reserve on promotional Free Chance Event that does not require the purchase of a Ticket.
Good Cause (Campaign) A specific programme of fund raising associated with a Charity which may relate to multiple Events
Lister The person or organisation responsible for setting up an Event on Chancester. This may be Chancester Ltd, Charities or Brands sponsoring charities etc.
Paid Event An Event set up by Chancester, or on behalf of Charity, Brand or other 3rd party associate which allows Members to participate in an event for which a payment is required.
Prize Item (or Service) The product, service, activity, or experience offered to a Winner at the conclusion of an Event.
Qualified Ticket A ticket purchased where the associated estimate of the Secret Reserve is within Tolerance and the Ticket is consequently entered into the Prize Draw at the conclusion of the Event.
Ticket The unit of purchase to secure a Ticket and make a donation into a paid Event or multiple of Free Chances required to enter a Free Chance Event.
Ticket Price As defined by the Lister of the Event. The financial value of Tickets issued for a given Event.
Tickets Issued As defined by the Lister of the Event. The number of Tickets made available for purchase or by using Free Chances (if appropriate) for a particular Event.
Target Proceeds Calculated as Ticket Price * Tickets Issued. The maximum amount that can be collected through Ticket sales (or collection of Free Chances) before an Event is closed.
Secret Reserve As defined by the Lister of the Event. The minimum proceeds that must be achieved from the Event before the Item can be released. If the Event proceeds are less than this value the Item is retained by the Lister and a Cash Award is calculated and paid to the Winner. (See Distribution of Proceeds examples). This is also the value that participants must try to estimate within the prescribed Tolerances.
Sold (Qualified) The number of Tickets sold that were close enough to the Secret Reserve (within the Tolerances) to qualify for inclusion in the Draw.
Sold (Unqualified) The number of Tickets sold that were not close enough to the Secret Reserve (outside of Tolerances) to qualify for inclusion in the Draw.
% Sold The current percentage of Tickets Issued that have been sold.
Tolerance The +/- £value used to determine if the estimate of the Secret Reserve is close enough to the actual Secret Reserve to qualify the Ticket for the final Draw. These values can differ at the outset of an Event based on the category of Item being offered, they also decrease in magnitude as the Event progresses i.e. a. When a second Ticket follows a successful (Qualified) first Ticket and b. When the Reserve Price is met. Defined, monitored and managed by Chancester Ltd, these will be used to keep the qualification rate to a consistent level.
Unsold % The current percentage of Tickets Issued that remain unsold.
Winner The Registered Member that has won the Item offered in a Event.

14. Distribution of Proceeds (Examples)

There are many variables in the way in which Events can be set-up in Chancester to deliver different outcomes. The following table illustrates typical examples, it is not a comprehensive list and, for the avoidance of doubt, does not preclude other permutations from being used as the basis of future Events on Chancester.