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how to play chance*ster

The four simple steps

Estimate the minimum value of ticket sales we need to collect to release the prize Item. You don't have to be spot on, we give you a range to aim at!

Buy your ticket and the
proceeds add to the total collected

Find out if your estimate was close enough to qualify your ticket for the draw

The game finishes when we sell all the tickets or the time runs out. Then a winner is drawn at random from all qualifying tickets

What happens at the end of a game?

If we don't collect the minimum amount needed to release the prize, we make cash payments to the winner and the chosen cause instead. See examples.

If the minimum is met when the game closes, we'll award the prize to the winner. The surplus is then donated to the good cause

If all the tickets are sold we've hit the target and we'll release the prize to the winner and pass the funds raised to the good cause

Money Jars

We tell you the target
eg £1000 (500 tickets sold at £2 each)

But can you estimate the minimum? Use other people's estimates to help you!