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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Why do you need my Address details?

    We need some basic details from you when you register. We need your name, email address, postal address and a password that you can use to login securely to the site whenever you want to. We use your postal address as the billing address for any card payments you make. If you should win, the address will be used as the delivery address for your prize item.

  2. Why do I have to agree to your t&c’s?

    Our t&c’s lay out how we do business. It’s important to us that you have read these and understand what we do and are happy with such things as how we use cookies, protect your data and our policies on card payments and refunds etc. It’s also important that you understand and accept the rules we use to monitor and ensure fair play in the events that we run and the measures we can employ to protect you and other members from fraudsters.

Sharing Information

  1. Why should I share my Chance*ster activities on Facebook or Twitter?

    By going to MyChance*ster->Preferences and connecting your Facebook or Twitter account to your Chance*ster account you can share information about the games you’ve bought tickets for or won with your friends. This is great for the charities we support as it brings others to the site to join in. It’s also good for you as you can earn Free Chances to use in our Free Events when people referred by you join the site and purchase a ticket themselves.

Taking a Chance

  1. How much will this cost me?

    You pay the listed ticket price only (which includes VAT). Whether you qualify your ticket for the draw or not you only ever pay the Ticket Price listed on the game. Unlike bidding sites there is nothing to pay if you win. The prize item or cash award is yours for the price of the ticket you purchased.

  2. How much does the charity get?

    If all the tickets are sold by the end of the game the charity or good cause supported will get at least the amount presented as the Target Donation. If we don’t sell all the tickets but sufficient is sold to meet the Reserve Price then the good cause receive a reduced donation based on the ticket proceeds we have actually received.

  3. What happens to the rest of the money?

    We have to deduct VAT paid at 20% from all ticket sales and this is passed on to HMRC. Chance*ster charge a flat fee of 12% to cover our costs for payment processing and running the site. The rest of the money covers the cost of the prize item. This will be very different from game to game depending on whether the item is purchased through a retail partner or whether it is donated or subsidised by charity supporters. You can see some examples of how proceeds are distributed in our ts&c's section.

  4. What is the Reserve Price?

    The Reserve price is the minimum we must receive in ticket sales in order to release the prize item. If we receive less than this when the game completes we issue a cash prize to the winner but the charity do not benefit. If we meet or exceed the Reserve Price the prize is released to the winner and the charity benefit from a proportion of the proceeds.

    The skill in getting your purchased ticket into the draw is accurately estimating the Reserve Price.

  5. How can I estimate the Reserve Price accurately?

    Basically the question is how much is this worth to the charity? They don’t want to give away rare experiences donated by a kindly celebrity patron for a handful of ticket sales. You don’t have to be spot on with your estimate. We give you a range to aim at (see the +- £value) on the Chance it! tab. There are also lots of clues. You can see what other members have been estimating and how many estimates have been successful on the dashboard tab. Essentially, you will improve your skill and chances as you gain experience and watch what others do. Try using your Free Chances to hone your technique.

  6. Why does the range I have to estimate within keep changing?

    Different categories of prize item have different ranges for estimating, this reflects how hard it might be to determine the price of the prize e.g. it’s easy to work out roughly the price of an iPad whereas a rare 19th century painting might be virtually impossible.

    When you estimate correctly on an item and buy further tickets the range is halved for every subsequent successful estimate you make - can’t make it too easy can we.

    Finally, the estimating range is halved for everyone once the Reserve Price is met through ticket sales.

When an event is drawn

  1. I won – How do I collect my prize?

    Don’t worry, we’ll be in touch to let you know how we will get your prize to you. Most of our experienced type prizes will be supplied through RedLetterDays.com. They are very experienced at arranging hassle free experiences and breaks and they can give the most flexibility to our Winners to ensure you have a fabulous and memorable time.

  2. Why have I been awarded a Cash Prize?

    For the particular game you have won we didn’t sell enough tickets to meet the Reserve Price for the item. Instead we return the proceeds collected from ticket sales, after deducting our costs, to the winner as a cash award. There is always a winner on Chance*ster.

  3. Why has my ticket been voided?

    On rare occasions when we have sold so few tickets or we are unable to continue an event for whatever reason we may choose to ‘void’ the game. For paid games we will refund all purchased ticket fees (qualified for the draw or otherwise). For Free Events we will restore all free Chances used to the participating members.