where great prizes and good causes get together

7 reasons to join in the fun at Chance*ster!

7 Reasons Why

Good causes, great prizes,
excellent chances!

  • Make charity giving a hobby
    you choose who you support, how many tickets you buy and how often you play.
  • Awesome prizes! Luxury products, VIP experiences and rare items
  • Great chances. Only a limited numbers of tickets are made available in each game, to give you an excellent chance of winning
  • A winner in every game – either the listed prize item or, if the reserve is not met, a cash prize is awarded.
  • Charities and good causes benefit from cash donations from the proceeds of every game.
  • It’s safe and reliable – we hold no card details or other financial information about you and we agree terms with all our supported charities before we represent them.
  • It’s fair and transparent. Nothing is hidden, you see exactly where the money goes.

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