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Why Chance*ster is the smart flutter

Posted 05 Oct 2013 at 00:14

There is a lot of press coverage right now about Camelot and their decision to double the ticket price for lottery games to £2. Most of it is bad press. People smell a rat. A 100% increase in the ticket price and virtually no long term change in odds of winning or Camelot's commitment to charity?

We all see the attraction of the life changing flutter but, £2 a week (after the hike), is enough to give providence a chance.  If the £multi-million's are heading your way then so be it, they'll come, and good luck to you!. But a 2 in 14,000,000 chance is no better really than a 1 in 14,000,000 chance.There are plenty of people spending £20, £30, £40 or even more a month on, what Boris Johnson once referred to as 'a tax on stupidity'. Chance*ster is trying to offer an alternative approach. Remember:

1. Chance*ster will give more of your ticket fees to charity. We've waived our fees completely until 2014 so all the money after tax goes to the winner or the charity.

2. Chance*ster runs many games at the same time, you choose the prize to chase and the cause you support.

3. There is always a winner. If we don't collect enough money through the ticket sales to release the prize, we still offer a cash settlement to the winner. Other than the taxman all proceeds go into the prize or the charity contribution. 

So get playing. Just a few pounds a month will help a number of your chosen causes and give you a 'real' chance of winning some cool things and amazing experiences.  Become a Chance*ster today! 

Bag £100 worth of Free Chances in our eBay Auction

Posted 22 Sep 2013 at 23:51

If you have played our Free Chance games already, you'll realise just how valuable 100 Free Chances are. You can use as many as you like in a Free Chance game which means you could virtually guarantee yourself a valuable prize. Take our GHD game running now for example, 100 Free Chances would get you 65%+ of all tickets in the game, that's got to give you a pretty good chance of walking away with the prize.   The auction starts at just £0.99p and all proceeds go to Marie Curie Cancer Care. It's running for a few more days so zip on over to eBay and stake your claim.  

Search for Chancester on eBay or click our home page banner above.

Now ‘fee free’ for the rest of the year

Posted 01 Sep 2013 at 23:31

Today we’re thrilled to announce that Chance*ster will be fee free until 2014. So every time you buy a ticket for one of our games you’ll know that the maximum possible amount will be going to our charities after we’ve paid for the winner’s prize, and tax.

So why are we doing this? Since we launched Chance*ster in May, we’ve given away amazing experiences and luxury goods. We’re now working with big charities such as War Child, and smaller good causes such as The Songwriting Charity. Our Free Chance events give you an easy way to try our games, and it seems you’re loving them! The last one closed in a matter of hours, so you’ll have to be quick.

But Chance*ster is ultimately about the support you can give our charities through our paid games. The odds are just as amazing as the free events, there are often only a few hundred tickets issued, and you can play for as little as £1. And now we’ve waived all fees to encourage as many as possible of you to play, this new way of giving is now better than ever.

So forget the casinos, forget the lottery and take a chance on games that get won by real people. 

Tired of all the Free Chances?

Posted 18 Jul 2013 at 07:38

We didn't think so :) but we want to start helping to raise funds for our charities too! So, here's the deal.... For every £10 you spend on our paid games during the remainder of this steamy July we'll give you an extra 5 Free Chances, that's roughly £5 worth of free goes to win some great stuff.

Don't forget you can enter each game as often as you like so even if you are in the draw on a game already you can still increase your chances of winning by going again, this time with the advantage of knowing what estimate to use to qualify.

If you haven't played a paid game yet you'll find it works in exactly the same way as the Free Chance games except the painful part of parting with a little cash of course.  Oh and don;t worry we use Barclaycard to do all the unpleasant stuff so you can be sure your card payment gets handled with care...  Good luck Chance*sters!

Feature explained – how to get more Free Chances

Posted 25 Jun 2013 at 18:07

When you sign up at Chance*ster you automatically get five Free Chances. But now you’ve used them up and would like some more. Read on to find out how!

We want to reward you every time you introduce a player to Chance*ster. All you need to do is tell a friend about us and get them to sign up – and the easiest way to do that is to share one of our games on Facebook or Twitter using the sharing buttons.

When they register, they will need to know your email address and add you as the referrer on the Welcome screen, or on their MyChancester -> Preferences page.

As soon as they are signed up and have bought their first ticket in a paid game to support a charity, you will automatically get another 5 Free Chances awarded to your account. It’s that simple. Best of all you can do this as many times as you like….I life on Free Chances :) 

Feature explained – playing for the cash award

Posted 09 Jun 2013 at 12:29

You have seen a prize on Chance*ster that you want to play for. The target is £2,000, but there are only 4 days left and only 10% of the tickets are sold. You may be thinking that it’s not worth playing, but think again!

Remember that not every ticket will make the draw: in this instance, only two tickets have qualified. You have a go and guess the minimum – now there are three.  With 10% of tickets sold that’s £200 in the pot; after sharing with the charity and deductions that’s a cool £75 cash award to the winner. So with your £1 stake you have a 1 in 3 chance of winning £75 or more, better odds than you’ll get on the Grand National and much kinder to the horses : )    

Features explained – the range of estimates

Posted 26 May 2013 at 16:21

Have you noticed that the range you have to aim at when you make your estimate varies? We do this to match the challenge to the prize. After all, everyone knows what an iPad costs, but what about a rare coin collection?

Let’s look at how the range changes through a game to help you get it right:

There are not many clues at the start of a game, so a very broad range of guesses will get your ticket in the draw. After the first 10% of tickets are sold, the range is halved. For example, in a game with 200 tickets and an initial allowable range of +/-£40, this range will drop to +/-£20 from the 21st ticket to be sold.

When tickets sales meet our minimum the range halves again. Consider our example game with 200 tickets at £1 each, where we set a minimum of £80. As soon as the 81st ticket is sold, the range would change from +/- £20 to +/-£10.  This can be a really useful clue, so take note when it changes.

So you get it right, and your ticket is in the draw – congratulations! You decide to double your chances and buy another ticket. But watch out –after each successful attempt the range halves again. Back to our example: you buy the 82nd ticket with a range of +/- £10 and get it in the draw. Now if you buy another one, the range will have changed to +/- £5.

Trust us, this is harder to explain than it is to play! But if you understand how the range works, you’ll improve your chances from the start.  

Posted 21 May 2013 at 22:08

Features Explained – Estimates!

Over the next few days we will be explaining a few of the key concepts you need to grasp to make the most of your Chance*ster experience.  First up - the estimating malarkey! What is that all about?  

 In order to get your ‘paid for’ ticket or Free Chance into the draw you need to tell us what the prize is worth. This can be the first mistake people make because it’s not just the RRP of the item on offer. Bear in mind we want to sell all the tickets ideally to give the maximum benefit to the charity but if we can’t manage that then we will settle for a ‘minimum’ amount.

You need to consider that in addition to buying the item we have to pay VAT on tickets sales, we want to make a contribution to the charity even at the minimum level,  and of course Chance*ster has to charge a small fee to run the site. Our fee is only 10% of net sales by the way.  So,  If you factor all these things in you are much more likely to estimate correctly and get your ticket in the draw. Think before you click people  : )  

Chance*ster has a new look!

Posted 10 May 2013 at 22:55

This is it: the brand new, all-singing all-dancing Chance*ster. This is your chance to win great prizes while raising funds for your favourite good causes.

Those of you who joined us as we started out earlier this year will notice new features and a new look, too, while our charity partners now get an even better deal. We're packing Chance*ster with amazing prizes such as concert tickets, holidays and VIP experiences, with new charities coming on board all the time to give you more opportunities to support the charities that mean something to you.

You’ll notice we rarely have more than a few hundred tickets in a game.

This is very important: it gives you a realistic chance of winning that special luxury item or VIP experience. These are not the telephone number odds you get in lottery games! It's even better if you get in early on new games, because the first 10% of tickets have double the range to aim at when estimating the minimum price. That’s a big help to getting your ticket in the draw!

Take a look around. Don’t forget to use the 5 Free Chances we give you just for registering – that will help you hone your technique, and get used to making the estimate you need to qualify your entry for draw in each event. If you like what you see, tell your friends on Facebook or Twitter and earn yourself extra Free Chances to use in our Free Chance games.

If you have questions, take the tour, check our FAQ’s or send us your questions via our contact us form. Thank you for your support on behalf of our good causes and enjoy Chance*ster!

Welcome to Chance*ster. Tomorrow’s fund raising right NOW!

Posted 19 Feb 2013 at 15:39

A warm welcome to all those that have found us and want to know more about our exciting new web portal: Chance*ster. We believe that this is an epoch shifting moment for fund raising and charitable giving. The fusion of cool brands, sensational products and experiences, a diverse range of worthy causes and an engaging game of skill and judgement. In short Chance*ster has something for everyone.

Have a go for free! During our initial launch period you can earn Free Chances just by registering your details. You can earn even more by telling your friends about us and getting them to join in too. All those Free Chances can be used in an ongoing series of Free Chance Events which offer desirable and exciting prizes exclusively to those who have available Free Chances, our way of saying thank you to the Chance*ster evangelists among you.

Whether you came to us to join in the fun, to check it out for your favourite charity, or simply because you are just plain curious, tell us what you think at feedback@chancester.com. We want you to tell us how we could improve the site for you. We’ll pick out the most helpful suggestion at the end of our first month of operation and award the author Free Chances equivalent to £25 in value. So Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter but most importantly take a chane and start raising money for a good cause.