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Free Chance event: win a Michael Kors Blair watch
1 FREE chance

Just 1 Free Chance could win you this beautiful ladies watch by Michael Kors

  • 12 days left
  • Just 250 Tickets
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WIn a Champagne Tea for two at Blenheim
1 FREE chance

A champagne cream tea for two at Blenheim Palace

  • 5 days left
  • Just 150 Tickets
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WIN a Ferrari Driving Thrill

WIN a Ferrari Driving Thrill
1 FREE chance
Only 12 days left
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Skill up and win big

Posted 27 Jan 2014 at 03:29

If you've been thinking that Chance*ster is just a punt in the dark, well, you're wrong. Not only do we have excellent odds, after all they are never going to be worse than the number of tickets we issue in a game and we generally keep the numbers pretty small. But you can significantly improve those odds by getting your ticket in the draw. Remember to do your homework. Our reserve price is never going to be very far away from the retail value of the prize so that's a good start. Before you take the plunge use the hints tab. That will tell you where others have placed their estimates and how many tickets are sold and how many have qualified for the draw.  Don't forget you can have as many goes as you like and we tell you if you are too high or too low so two or three goes is almost...

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